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T he shop has specialised in pork-butchery since the beginning of the century. The Travé family acquired the shop in 1955 and it went on to enjoy a great reputation from the very outset, thanks to its Catalan sausages known as botifarres and bulls, and its special hams made by Mr. Antoni Travé (father), a master pork-butcher.

In the early 90s, Antoni Travé had to leave the business due to illness and it was taken over by his son and son's wife, Helene Dufner. Toni took charge of the production side, while Helene focused on the point-of-sale.

With regards to food preparation, Toni continued making the products that his father had made before him. His great interest in cooking also drove him to study further in this field at the Escola Professional de la Fundació Oficis de la Carn and at other institutions specialised in butchery. This training helped Toni to be able to recover traditional cooked meats and to introduce new culinary techniques to the products they had always produced.

The shop has specialised in pork-butchery since the beginning of the century. The Travé family acquired the shop in 1955.

As for the point-of-sale, this started to feel a little on the small size now that clients from other areas were also calling in, looking for products to surprise their family and friends with the most unusual stuffed Catalan sausages. In view of this, and taking the opportunity brought by a general refurbishment of the property, the workshop was extended and modernised, with a special area being added and fully equipped as a new kitchen. Encouraged by developments in the business and by the recognition received from prestigious national gastronomic guides (Gourmetours) and other media (La Vanguardia, El Periódico, different Barcelona city guides, as well as specialist magazines), they decided to extend the shop and, in order to do this, acquired the shop at the side of the establishment.

This meant that in 2000 the shop was three times bigger than the previous one, with the workshop now being on show to the general public. As for human resources, while things started out as a family affair run by the Travé couple in the early 90s, the business is now made up of a team of seven individuals.

Last Christmas they received word from the prestigious French guide of European artisanal producers, the “Guide des Gourmands”: they were notified that they would be appearing in the next edition of the guide in view of the uniqueness of their establishment and their products, as well as the quality of the latter. This news, along with other accolades that will no doubt come their way, encouraged them even further than they already were to continue surprising their clients with their unique specialities